What is NEMT?


What is NEMTNEMT is a service called for aiding Medicaid and Medicare with the logistics of patients. Since state and federal governments provide people with disability, and those older than 65 with routine medical care, the demand for trips is rising annually. The programs developed by the government aim to spread preventive medicine. It means that patients have insurance that guarantees them routine visits to doctors for appointments like dialysis, rehabilitation, etc. All their expenses are covered but both programs lack capabilities for the logistics. Hence, NEMT companies appear to fill the gap.

Since Medicaid and Medicare are available in every state, NEMT providers have a huge pool of potential clients. It stimulates positive rivalry and the companies are actively working on improving their service. A typical NEMT company has a fleet of vehicles that are suitable for patients with disabilities. It includes wheelchairs, ambulances with specialized equipment, sedans, and more. The company may have as many vehicles as it can afford. It also trains drivers to be qualified in first aid. Every client can expect flawless customer service and smooth trips. NEMT guarantees a light trip to patients with the most severe conditions, those who cannot drive themselves to their appointment, and those who need competent help.

NEMT is a developing industry full of innovations. It modernizes the patient’s experience. Moving around even on short distances caused a lot of trouble for people with limited ability before. NEMT companies have a great deal to offer. With the introduction of software, trip scheduling, dispatching, and routing became simple, and cheaper for the users. Meanwhile, customer service does not suffer. The stakeholders in the industry are not only patients but the state and federal governments. Hence, a lot of effort is invested in the optimization and development of the providers.