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Non-emergency medical transportation service was created to serve the needs of people who struggle with mobility due to some illnesses or post-surgery conditions. It is a direct response to the existing government health insurance programs. The industry is growing rapidly Every day brings a new challenge for the business owners and other parties involved in the process of providing non-emergency transportation. Stay on top of things with us and you will never miss a bit of crucial information.

Who needs NEMT service?

There is no limitation as to how people can use NEMT services. There is a dominant category of clients though. It often happens that people of the age above 60 struggle to drive even if they do not have an illness preventing them from it. Different areas, nighttime, and weather conditions can become factors that prevent people from transporting themselves. Hence, non-emergency transportation services became vital for the vulnerable category of our population. The category of people who have to resort to NEMT services includes people of the age 60 +, differently-abled, and those with reduced or limited mobility. Understanding your client ensures a good level of service and long-term cooperation. Learn about new approaches to clients, retention strategies, and more with us.

What is new in the NEMT business?

Since the demand for patient transportation grows, state services cannot handle all the load. Demand in service calls for improvement and optimization. Hence, the NEMT world is full of advances. New software, new companies, business models, and more solutions are being introduced and tested daily. Most updates concern the way business functions. New developments are being introduced to make cooperation between the users of Medicaid, Medicare insurance, and transportation companies smooth. We will update you on:

  • Software solutions Routing, dispatching, scheduling trips, and billing are processed instantly with the help of software developed especially for NEMT. Learn about multipurpose programs and their variety, pros and cons of having your data collected on the Cloud, and other useful information.
  • Insurance Policies Insurance for businesses, employees, fleet, and inventory comes at a certain price. Is it worth it or do you want to take a risk and pay whatever it costs? These and other important questions are discussed with seasoned business owners and experts. Find articles and blog posts to make an educated decision when your time comes.
  • Transport for NEMT Everything you need to know about the types of vehicles used for NEMT.
  • Personnel management Would you like to put more pressure on employees or make sure your NEMT business is automated and run by AI? In any case, you need to figure out the right approach to people who work for you and make sure their work conditions are comfortable. Find out more about the needs of NEMT company employees.
  • Government regulations of NEMT business There is no way you can bypass the government. All the updates on policies & regulations are collected and explained by experts.
  • NEMT Customer Service NEMT clients have demands that need to be satisfied. However, any business can do more to provide not a regular service but an impressive one. Read more on the best practices of NEMT customer service and find new solutions for your company.