• What is

    With you can find out more about setting up a NEMT company. It provides comprehensive consultations on selecting the best insurance, drivers, acquiring the needed certifications, etc.

  • What is NEMT?

    NEMT is a kind of transportation designed for patients with chronic diseases, mobility issues, and other health problems. The companies working in NEMT are providing accessible rides to all patients using specialized vehicles of all kinds.

  • What is a NEMT broker?

    A NEMT broker is a party in charge of arranging medical transportation for patients eligible under the Health Care plan. It acts as a middleman between patients and companies providing rides. The main responsibility of such a broker is inspecting the qualifications of transportation companies contracted.

  • How to ask for a NEMT consultation?

    Book consultation with a specialist if you have any enquires. The team works via online booking. A qualified specialist will contact you to answer all your questions.

  • Who needs NEMT service?

    This service is in high demand among people age 65+ and those eligible for rides under their Health Care plan. These are people with chronic diseases, disabled, and more.

  • What are the best NEMT companies?

    NEMT companies work at the local, state, or country levels. Their services differ depending on the specialty. The ranking of the companies is tied to the location in question.

  • What is the best NEMT insurance?

    NEMT insurance should cover the fleet, employees, and the company. The best insurance covers your company from automobile and non-automobile accidents, physical damages, and client allegations.